This last weekend was certainly one to remember. I was invited to perform for the Street Music series that is running here as part of the Hong Kong Arts Center. I didn’t really know what to expect but the event turned out to be quite amazing. I would say there were 100 or more people all gathered and others stopping to witness. It was a very eclectic mix, a brazilian band, a group who plays traditional chinese instruments but jams improv jazz style (they were my favorite, so dope) Bangladesh folk music, and then a jam up of musicians and Peter Stuart with “The Box” (who I played with) playing free form jazz while i spit poems. Biggity bam.

I met some really great people, organizers, musicians etc. Booked another gig in Dec. and met a woman who is a freelance journalist interested in writing a piece about me. I also connected with a new friend named Rob Lamont, he is an amazing guitar player/vocalist from the UK, actually won the UK guitar championship (or something fancy like that) at the age of 12. There will hopefully be some footage on YouTube very soon of the event…I’ll post it ASAP

So the next night was Halloween. Rob and I ventured out into the madness. We went walking and found a beer in Wanchai, then decided to head to Central where the action was. We got to Central and there were literally a million people in the streets. It was really intense…so many good costumes and people being silly…Halloween is definitely a wild scene here. It was so crowded the streets were dead-locked with people…it wasn’t even worth trying to navigate. So we hopped the train and headed to a small bar one stop down in Sheung Wan called the 7/1 club for some drinks and to chill out. We ended up meeting our friend Kung by chance (the organizer of the Street Music Series, and all around bad ass dude) chilled there and had some good conversation. He really loves Hong Kong and is so invested in creating a fruitful music scene. His passion is really contagious. He talked to us about the creative environment here. He’s very enthusiastic and a visionary. He gave me some really nice compliments and seemed truly excited about what I’m doing, even mentioned the prospect of having me come back and do some further workshops on lyricism and spoken word.

After we left 7/1 we ventured back to the fray to see if the party had died down at all to scope the scene. This is the cool part…so were walking through Lan Kwai Fong in crowd of about 200,000 people, (it died down a bit) AND WE GET RECOGNIZED — by a group of girls who were at the show the night before. Haha…they turned out to be the girlfriend and friends of one of the musicians I had met, totally awesome. So our adventure turned another corner and we hung with them for while. We met up with Jing (boyfriend of girl/musician i met) and went for food at Hong Kong’s most famous late night/all around eatery Tsui Wah.

As we walk up to Tsui Wah, there is a small group taking photos in front. Turns out to be MC Jin and his crew dressed as janitors (sorry….custodians).

School’s been good, I seriously love Hong Kong…doing what i can to try and manifest a return trip in the near future, there are some irons in fire. I’m finding three months is not gonna be long enough.
til next time.