Tuesday night I was back in Providence for the Got Poetry! Live reading at Blue State Coffee house with Ryk McIntyre, Tony Brown and Nataly Garcia as hosts.

Nataly was really looking out for me my entire stay in Providence, very welcoming and hospitable. She was so excited I washed her dishes that she came runnin in the living room HELLA early in the morning screaming with joy. She scared me out a deep sleep so bad I almost had a heart attack for real. I hyperventilated and screamed back at her in these deep pulsing bursts of ah! ah! ah! aaaaaah! All I remember is this giant orange afro bouncing around screaming, scared the living hell out of me. haha…no worries though Nats we’re still buds…you the goods…: )

The feature at Blue State was really great. A small crowd and bright coffee shop, which sometimes can be intimidating to compete with, but everyone was so welcoming and wanting. The vibe was really nice, rolled through the set seamlessly, folks bought some books and had really warm things to say. Thanks Prov. for the lovely reception.

After the show I was chattin with this dude Jay who films a local show to promote the art happenings around Prov.  He took me down the street to a joint called Bring Your Own Improv where there were several bands playing and people jamming. He talked to his boy Josh, who runs the sets and got me up there rockin with the house band for a couple tracks!  I kicked a couple verses and spit a poem as the band funked it out behind me, they were fun to play with, it wasn’t too serious, but the stage was really legit and people were paying attention. A lovely opportunity for sure. These first couple nights were really great, setting a wonderful tone to the week…On to Boston for the next stop! – mg