I arrived in Providence on Monday, met by the ever delightful ms. Nataly Garcia. Nataly and I had never met but i spotted some photos of her on her FB page so i knew I’d be looking for a blonde/red afro puff. Ha. We cruised down to Worcester for the Dirty Gerund reading at Ralph’s diner. I was promptly introduced to Nick Davis and Jared a local at the diner, who like Worcester itself, was straight-up gruff and blunt. The burger was the goods, I was informed only after I ate, that I could have ordered the “McGee” (properly named after Mike McGee, ’cause he’s the only one who orders them) which consists of a fat bowl of chili with a burger patty on top, melted cheese, and maybe more chili on top of that? Mike came through spot to hang, always fun to kick it with McGee. It was a great first show to step off the plane into. Ralph’s is an ecclectic mix of old things dead things…and that’s just the regulahs!! (Buh dum bum) But for real, a Worcester institution. The house band Ticklebomb Orchestra plays backup for all the mic goers even the feature. It was a bit of a challenge at first but by the third poem we hit a solid stride and vibed out really well. I had an amazing time, felt very welcomed and certainly recommend paying a visit if you’re ever out this way. – mg